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Land Use and Real Estate Attorneys In Portland And The Pacific Northwest

Our Land Use Practice

Discover a depth of expertise and a legacy of success in land use, planning, and zoning law with Warren Allen.

Our firm stands out as a leader in the Pacific Northwest, providing comprehensive support to both private and public clients. We have successfully navigated projects of all sizes, ranging from small in-fill developments to large-scale residential, mixed-use, commercial, and public works initiatives.

At Warren Allen, our Land Use practice is a cornerstone of our legal services, with unparalleled breadth and depth, our attorneys bring extensive experience to every facet of land use law. Whether it’s site acquisition, environmental due diligence, planning and zoning, or project permits and approvals, our team excels in guiding clients through the complexities of local, state, and federal regulatory landscapes.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our dedicated team of attorneys specializes in a range of land use matters, including compliance with Oregon’s statewide planning goals and land use regulations, shorelines and wetlands regulations, environmental remediation, water quality, and water resources. We pride ourselves on our representation in land use litigation, navigating administrative boards and all levels of judicial review, from city councils and county commissions, to the Land Use Board of Appeals, to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Understanding that time is of the essence for developers, we prioritize efficiency in our services. Our goal is to shorten project timelines, prevent government overreach, and overcome potential obstacles. By fostering strong relationships with government officials and leveraging our extensive network, we streamline the approval process and advocate for our clients’ interests.

In addition to our core land use practice, Warren Allen offers strategic solutions across various focus areas, including real estate transactions, and more. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that our clients receive comprehensive legal support throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Our firm’s legacy is built on practical, creative, and proactive approaches to challenges. We are persistent and innovative, finding alternative strategies when faced with obstacles. We collaborate with jurisdictions across the Pacific Northwest, building credibility and trust to ensure successful outcomes.

We have a proven track record in navigating complex projects, including large-scale residential developments, industrial subdivisions, and mixed-use commercial and residential projects. Our expertise extends to unique challenges, such as siting solar generation facilities, developing destination resorts, and handling large, mixed-use master plans.

Your Trusted Land Use Partner

Whether you are a developer, investor, lender, or contractor, Warren Allen’s Land Use team is committed to guiding you through every stage of the real estate process. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions, identifying opportunities, and seamlessly integrating with your team to ensure success.

Partner with Warren Allen for a strategic and efficient approach to land use, where our experience and dedication make the difference in achieving your goals.

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