Specializing in business law

Business Law

Business law is comprised of those legal principals derived from statutes, governmental regulations and common law that govern ...

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We handle a full range of issues for our planned community clients

Condominiums, Planned Communities

Condominiums and Planned Communities are governed by the Oregon Revised Statutes.

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Real Estate

Real estate transactions, litigation and regulatory matters require an active understanding of many areas of law.

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Let a real estate attorney from Warren Allen help you with your real estate matters.

Real Estate Licensing and Regulation

Oregon’s real estate regulations are broad, complex and ever changing.

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Let us help you protect your family.

Divorce and Family Law

When lawyers say they practice “family law,” they are telling you that they have a specialty in working ...

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When it comes to personal injury - let us help you.

Personal Injury

Our firm is expert at providing legal services to people who have been injured in automobile, motorcycle, premises, ...

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Lawyers at Warren Allen can help resolve construction law disputes.

Construction Law

Construction law includes a variety of different matters to include construction contracts, construction financing, construction management

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Let us help find the best way to get you out of debt.

Debtor and Creditor Law

Creditor’s rights deals with the legal means and procedures for collection of money owed. We provide representation for ...

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Our lawyers will carefully examine all aspects of your case and help you decide the best course of action.

Employment Law

Our firm has extensive experience representing employers and employees in a wide range of employment issues.

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Our lawyers can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you.


If you are considering bankruptcy, our firm can assist you throughout the process.

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Let us help with Estate Planning and Probate.

Estate Planning and Probate

An estate is made up all the assets you possess, for example your bank account, your home, stocks

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Warren Allen LLP - Your Full Service Law Firm

By combining experience and knowledge with individualized attention and prompt service, Warren Allen LLP is the firm to rely on when you are in need of legal representation.

The Attorneys at Warren Allen LLP offer you solid legal advice and exceptional service. We practice in nearly all areas of law, handling each case personally and with attention to the details. We can help you with your legal needs including: Business, Construction Law, Condominiums, Planned Communities and HOA’s, Real Estate, Real Estate Licensing and Regulation, Divorce and Family Law, Personal Injury, Debtor and Creditor Law, Landlord's Rights, Estate Planning and Probate.

View our videos designed to help you answer your legal questions: Mortgage Foreclosures, Independent Contractors versus Employees, Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction – Phase II, Automobile Accidents & Claims, Winning Legal Strategies for Landlords, Insurance Coverage & Claims, Contracts Examples and Purpose of Each, LLC or Corporation.

We have designed our website to answer many of your basic questions about the areas in which we practice, but the information you find here is far from complete. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, so we can be sure you get the best possible representation or advice for your situation