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Landlords’ Rights Attorneys in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

Our Landlords’ Rights team

Warren Allen is widely regarded as the Pacific Northwest’s premier landlords’ rights law firm. We represent Oregon and Washington residential and commercial landlords, in diverse legal matters, including evictions, form reviews, seminars, fair housing disputes, and more. Our clients include management companies, property owners, screening companies and forms manufacturers.

The attorneys on our landlords’ rights team can be found in courtrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and community meetings. We’re solid litigators, with a keen eye toward claims avoidance. We bolster our clients’ success by focusing on their goals and helping them achieve them, regardless of the forum.

Landlord/tenant laws are complex and handling legal disputes without expert representation is challenging. Whether you’re seeking preemptive guidance or representation in pending disputes, you can put your trust in our hands.

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