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Condominiums and the Law in Portland and the Pacific Northwest

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We excel in providing legal assistance across a wide spectrum of practice areas including Condominiums.

Create and Manage Your Communities

Because condominiums and planned communities need to deal with specialized areas of the law, it is important that any legal representatives working with them have experience in the special areas that pertain to them. The attorneys at Warren Allen LLP Attorneys at Law can help with the creation of these communities and with rules and regulations after their creation.

What Legal Issues Arise In These Areas?

When creating a condominium or planned community, there are many approvals that must be obtained from surveyors and agencies to create the community legally. After the establishment of the community, homeowners associations will deal with dues and assessments, insurance, regulations and maintenance issues that may arise. Sometimes these issues need legal attention.

Representation and Advice You Need

When you work with the attorneys at Warren Allen LLP Attorneys at Law for legal needs for your condominium or planned community in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, you’ll be able to benefit from our experience and expertise in this and related legal fields. Whether you’re creating a new homeowners association or enforcing rules, we will be able to give you legal advice and representation.

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